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Ipad Case With Pen Slot For Charging

Ipad Case With Pen Slot For Charging

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Product Information:
Type: Tablet PC Case
Style: Protective shell
Material: imitation leather, silicone, tpu
Product size: 11 inches 10.9 inches 10.2 inches 8.3 inches 9.7
Color: [Acrylic] ☆ [Mystery Black] ☆ [Hard bottom + soft side], [Acrylic] ☆ [Matcha green] ☆ [Hard bottom + soft side], [Acrylic] ☆ [Lavender] ☆ [Hard bottom + soft side 】,【Acrylic】☆【Dark night green】☆【Hard bottom+soft edge】,【Acrylic】☆【White ice color】☆【Hard bottom+soft edge】,【Acrylic】☆【Deep sea blue】☆【Hard bottom+ Soft Edge],【Acrylic】☆【Rose Gold】☆【Hard Bottom + Soft Edge】,【Acrylic】☆【Baby Pink】☆【Hard Bottom + Soft Edge】
Applicable models: [2021/2020/2018 (Pro11 inches)/Air4 (10.9 inches)], [IPAD 2021/2020/2019 (10.2 inches)], [IPAD Mini6 (8.3 inches)], [IPAD 2017/2018 (9.7 Inches)], [IPAD Air1/Air2 (9.7 inches)], [IPAD Pro (9.7 inches)]

Note:Compatible with Apple,Non-Apple brand products

Packing List:
Silicone Tablet PC Case x1

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