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Cat Comb To Remove Floating Hair For Pets

Cat Comb To Remove Floating Hair For Pets

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Product information:

Color classification: 

1Style: Sunflower Needle Comb - Green [one-click to launch hair]
2Style: Sunflower Needle Comb-Orange [one-click to push out hair]
1Set: Sunflower Needle Comb - Green + Pet Nail Cut Green
2Set: Sunflower Needle Comb-Orange + Pet Nail Cut Green
3Set: Sunflower Needle Comb-Green + LED Blood Illuminating Nail Cut Green
4Set: Sunflower Needle Comb-Orange + LED Blood Illuminating Nail Cut Green
5Set: Sunflower Needle Comb - Green + Little Bee Sticker Yellow
6Set: Sunflower Needle Comb-Orange+Little Bee Sticker Yellow
3Style: Hamburger Needle Comb - Green [one-click to push out hair]
4Style: Hamburger Needle Comb - Blue [one-click to push out hair]
5Style: Hamburger Needle Comb-Yellow [One-Click Push Out Hair]
6Style: Massage Comb - Blue

Product Name: Sunflower Needle Comb
Material: ABS stainless steel
Size: 195*84*46mm

Packing list:

Nail scissors*1
Hair sticker*1

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