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Wooden Door Balcony Sliding Door Aluminum Alloy Free Punching Handle

Wooden Door Balcony Sliding Door Aluminum Alloy Free Punching Handle

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Product information:

Material: aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: anode surface
Product use: all kinds of wardrobes, cabinets, shoe cabinets, doors and windows, barn doors
Specifications: 539-black-128 (with screws), 539-black-160 (with screws), 539-black-192 (with screws), 539-black-224 (with screws), 539-gold-128 (with screws) ), 539-gold-160 (with screws), 539-gold-192 (with screws), 539-gold-224 (with screws), 539-silver-128 (with screws), 539-silver-160 (with screws) ), 539-silver-192 (with screws), 539-silver-224 (with screws)
Style: modern and simple

Punch-free installation
1. Determine the installation location and remove the stolen goods in the posted location
2. Apply the nail-free glue to the back of the product,
Apply super glue on the surface of the bracket in strips,
Can not be painted over a large area, leaving a gap faster
Match, otherwise the glue will hardly solidify, causing
Consequences of infirmity (can be smeared according to the left picture)
3. After applying the nail-free glue, paste the product on the wall
Press hard to fix it for more than 10 seconds
Use auxiliary stickers to fix the product to prevent sliding;
4. After installation is complete, wait 2 days for the glue to solidify

Packing list:

Door handle*1

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