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Washing Brush Electric Cleansing Instrument Interchangeable Head Makeup Brush

Washing Brush Electric Cleansing Instrument Interchangeable Head Makeup Brush

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Product information:

Efficacy: cleansing, cleansing
Specification type: normal specification
Variety of beauty tools: cleansing instrument
Color: silver white
Material: ABS+plating
Product net weight: 136G

Product functions & features:
1. Soft and skin-friendly brush head: pointed hair design, silky smooth, much smaller than the skin pores in diameter, the filaments deeply clean the pores, bamboo charcoal absorbs grease and dirt, soft and clear without hurting the skin.
2. Daily cleaning brush head: the design of full hair, tens of thousands of delicate and gentle bristles, thoroughly clean and remove old dead skin cells.
3. Make-up remover cleaning brush head: use natural sponge, with facial cleanser or make-up remover, gentle cleansing and quick make-up removal.
4. Dual-frequency variable, micro-circulation cleans and massage the skin at the same time, which not only cleanses the skin but also improves metabolism. Low speed 300 times/min, recommended for dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin; high speed 450 times/min, recommended for thick stratum corneum and oily skin.
5. It only takes two minutes each time to brighten skin tone and refine pores.
6. Streamlined body, IPX5 dustproof and waterproof design, can be used in the bath.
7. The protective cover has 24 small round holes, ventilation and dehumidification, inhibiting the growth of bacteria

Size information:
Product size: 85*106*45mm

Packing list :

Makeup remover cleaning brush head X1
Daily cleaning brush head X1
Soft skin-friendly brush head X1
Host X1
Transparent drain cover X1
Data line X1

Product picture:

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