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Household Automatic Quick-drying Machine Electric Scrubber

Household Automatic Quick-drying Machine Electric Scrubber

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Product information:
Function : Ultrasonic
Product Features: Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Colors: White, Black
Material: ABS+Silicone+PET

Product advantages:
1: Streamlined product design, perfect palm.
2: The surface of the product has undergone piano paint and UV treatment. Scratch resistant and feel good.
3: The product has fine structure, good motor fixation, small vibration and low noise.
4: Built-in stable circuit board, stable current, save battery consumption, work in a balanced state, there will be no rocker phenomenon.
5: The container is made of food-grade materials, non-tumbler design, not broken or knocked down.
6: High speed, stable motor, 10S washing and drying.
Fully automatic makeup brush, it only takes 10 seconds to restore a new brush, no longer have to worry about the tedious cleaning process after makeup. 8 silicone tips are basically suitable for 95% of makeup brushes on the market and 2 AAA dry batteries. The switch part is pushed forward and backward. It's very simple and convenient. It can be gently held in the hand, without worrying about the instability of the washing process.

Packing list:
Electric scrubber*1 set(as the picture shows)

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